Saturday, October 25, 2008

Not again! Say it isn’t so, Sarah

Palin, in Greek, means “again.” Listening to Sarah Palin relay her redneck story when she was in Ohio recently—“You know what I said when somebody said to me, ‘Sarah, you’re a redneck’? I said, ‘Thank you’”—one starts to hear it all over again.

Red versus blue.
Us versus them.
Me versus you.

Thanks to the implosion of Wall Street, Americans may be long divided between those who profited in the fall (cause) and those who’ve watched their savings, jobs, homes, retirement fall apart (effect). Isn’t that enough of a divide?

Do we really need to go back to that Bush League dichotomy of you’re-one-of-us-or-you’re-not?

Not again. Please—not ever again.