Monday, December 31, 2007

A portmanteau for the first post

It's the last day of the year and the first time I'm trying a blog. The word book I'm writing right now includes the word portmanteau. I would say that the word blog is itself a portmanteau. Would you agree?

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ittlewoman said...

our 1st french literal image: it is post WWII france, we would be carrying a battered leather suitcase. an ankle-length cloak is inside. but it is so chilly that night. we are waiting. our blood-red lips inhale & exhale unfiltered cigarette smoke. near the docks. waiting for george sanders. yes, portmanteau. no. that cant be. we have seen too many films. this is not for madame word. never on our daily HS vocabulary lists or one of those hot lusty words in durrell's black book. the word must have something to do w/lexicography. (what else would she write a blog about?) tis a wonderful word, especially if vous etes une francophile, as indeed im sure most smart people are. but since the ignorant americans have placed france in the Filthymcnasty Corral, we are in the minority. back to our term: according to the WCD, the preferred definition of portmanteau is the combination of 2 words, the result of which is one word, e.g., fog + smoke = smog. et voila! a portmanteau! actually id rather be in marseilles shivering in my ebony velvet cloak, sitting on the damp valise waiting. not for godot this time. waiting. reading mim's shopping lists. her yellowing garbage copy. more of her blogs. in the fog. smoking. to pass the time. waiting. waiting. for monsieur sanders. no pigeons on the grass alas. alas w/o pigeons we sense a dare, don't you? maybe she will offer a prize for those who find the most interesting portmanteaux? perhaps some birdseed? a slow boat to marseilles? a new valise? certainly not george sanders. he's dead. like the pigeons. they both may be in the portmanteau. in the fog, er, smog.